Saturday, October 3, 2015

New Poem about the Roseburg, Oregon Murders--and the Murders of Three Little Children in Cleveland

Murder is as American . . .

as apple pie, and as

common. Just yesterday almost 20 were shot
at a community college in Oregon,
leaving at least 10 dead

leaving behind uncountable broken families,
broken friends, broken hearts.

And hardly noticed, a five-month-old
murdered in a hail of cross fire
in the killing fields of Cleveland.

In America murder is everywhere,
outside a small city in Oregon,
in bucolic Chardon, in the rustfields of Cleveland,

and too often
in our own suicidal, homicidal hearts.

This is the bed we made, O America,
now we sleep in this bloody bed.
This is our choice:

Don’t tell me there’s nothing to be done!

[Bob Coughlin / October 2, 2015]

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Mare said...

What can you say??? It is so true.