Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Poem about the Sounds of Night in Late August

Late August Evening Concert

On late August nights I lie in bed, listening to the great
Comforting chorus of pulsing sounds,
Harmonizing chords of cricket, katydid, cicada--

Invisible musicians and choristers orchestrating the late summer concert:
The high rapid pulse of the crickets,
The percussive bass of katydids with their trills and buzzes,
Rubbing their wings, stridulating in holy ecstasy.

Cicadas with their booming voices find their place in the great song,
The concert organized by the Force of Life,
The drive to mate, to keep this song going

Forever and forever.

I think of my loneliness
And my deepest connections,
Sing my own summer night songs
Thank God for both, for
Those who love me
And those I can never fully love.

                [Bob Coughlin / August 25, 2014]

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