Thursday, February 6, 2014

Growing Up in Euclid in the 1950s--a Little Poem

God’s Gift to Women

                                    (for J.T. of Euclid, Ohio)

It’s not me
(though in my most guarded
fantasies, perhaps) . . .

It was Tim O’Talty

The Elvis of St. William’s School,
Irish dandy,
Standing in front of the bathroom mirror,
Combing, combing, combing his golden locks
In that Jerry Lee Louis, Conway Twitty pompadour,
“Duck’s ass” in the rear . . .

Tim clicked his way down the waxed hallways,
Cleats on his heels and toes,
Saying, “Look at me!
I am some body!”

And he was,
A 1950s fantasy,
Our “cock-of-the-walk” - -

Goodness gracious,
Great Balls of Fire!

                        Bob Coughlin/February 4, 2014

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