Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Farewell, Good-Bye to Dermot Somerville and his wife Ulla

Last night a wonderful Irish music session was held at the Nighttown Pub in Cleveland Heights to say good-bye to Dermot Somerville and his wife Ulla, both talented musicians and composers. Dermot is from Dublin, Ireland, and has lived in Cleveland since the late 1970s. He will soon be moving south to warmer climes. Dermot has played and sung all over town, was 1/2 of the band "Bodhran Brothers," with Mike Mazur, and was a key figure with his wife Ulla(singer, harpist, keyboardist) in the band "Shanua." And with Ulla and Shanua and other fine musicians, produced the greatest Irish-Gaelic/Estonian album in the history of the universe (and probably the only such album). He was given a wonderful farewell last night. A highpoint for me is when everyone sang "Wild Mountain Thyme," a great, sexy, sweet song of springtime.

Dermot is playing a guitar--(he's in a turquoise shirt)

About 20 musicians were present; maybe 50 people in the room at Nighttown

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Dermot said...

Thanks all for a great send-off!

And so it goes from me to you,
We sing our songs and pass them on anew,
And hope the music it will last
Beyond this one sad parting glass.

Dermot & √úlle