Friday, January 2, 2015

Trying to Sum Up My Blog Entries from 2014 (continued)

A couple days ago I thought I'd sum up my blog entries from 2014. I found it almost impossible--at least to do it in a concise manner!

So very briefly, here are some issues I addressed:

  • I wrote lots of new poems, reprised many of my old poems, and talked about favorite poets and their poems.
  • I continued writing reminisces of growing up in Willoughby and Euclid.
  • I had a number of posts, usually with photos of my two grandsons, Colin and Robby.
  • I wrote a little about homelessness and working with the homeless, both in Painesville and at the Catholic Worker (in New York City and in Davenport, Iowa).
  • I wrote reminisces of the Vietnam War and the Vietnam era.
  • I did many reflections on the Catholic Church and the new pope.
  • I wrote occasionally about fracking and about Judge Grendell's damage to the Geauga Parks.
  • I wrote about Irish music and folk music.
  • I had many postings about nature, local parks, and wildflowers.

Gee, I can't believe how much I wrote this past year and how many topics I addressed! It has been a blessing and I hope my family and friends have enjoyed this blog.

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