Friday, October 17, 2014

Notre Dame Classmates. Salzburg-Innsbruck Program, 1967-68.

I was a Notre Dame student from 1966 to 1970. I spent my Sophomore year in Salzburg and Innsbruck, Austria. For a working-class boy from Euclid, this was close to a miracle. There were 36 of us in this program, and many of my classmates have had extraordinary careers and lives. From left in the black and white photo, you can see Jim O'Connell, now a very famous and much honored physician to the homeless in the Boston area. To his right, Brian Wilson, a pediatrician in Hilo, Hawaii. Then Al Issenman, a professor at Northwestern. Bob Wingerson, from the Detroit area left of Al. Then Charlie Schaffer (not sure what he's doing); then Tim Berry, a successful journalist and now a business owner in the Pacific Northwest; Jim Peters and Colm Gage next; then Steve Tapscott, professor at MIT, distinguished poet and translator; me next; Leo Lensing, distinguished professor of German and our class's valedictorian; Paddy Laflin; and on the right, Dick Riehle, well-known character actor (probably been in a hundred movies and many tv sitcoms). Tim Berry posted both of these photos on Facebook.
The Notre Dame boys of the Schmelzergasse Pension. Innsbruck, Austria. I'm fourth from right. 1967.

Notre Damers. Maybe Schloss Klessheim, outside Salzburg. I'm front left, pointing. 1967.

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