Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Irish Music "Seisiun" at Ashtabula Harbor

On Saturday, July 5th, we had a wonderful Irish music "seisiun" at Kyle Smith's boat dock in Ashtabula Harbor, right near the huge lift bridge. About 8 musicians were there. Kyle was on fiddle; Sheldon Firem on bodhran and whistle; Lynn Higgins on fiddle; Bill Lewis on 4-string banjo and fiddle; I played my guitar and whistle; another fellow on guitar (he sang several songs--very nice); another woman on fiddle; and a woman named Amy playing several instruments. Kathleen O'Neill Webb and her husband Rick Webb and Linda Coughlin listened in on the session, as did several other people. It was a wonderful time in a great setting.

A huge lift bridge about 100 yards from the session site.

Sheldon on small bodhran; Amy; Kyle on fiddle

Amy and Kyle

Bill Lewis on banjo; Lynn Higgins on fiddle

Me on guitar

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