Monday, May 5, 2014

South Chagrin Reservation and Squaw Rock

Yesterday we took a hike recommended in Joe Baur's book Best Hikes Near Cleveland. We went to the South Chagrin Reservation of the Cleveland MetroParks. Wow, what astonishing beauty! I've lived in Northeast Ohio much of my life and never visited this place.
Linda, South Chagrin Reservation

A small falls on the Chagrin River (2-3 miles from the huge Chagrin Falls)

The Squaw Rock Sculpture (Henry Church, 1885)

What amazed me was the beauty of the Chagrin River, the amazing cliffs and rock formations, the wildflowers blooming in the park, the huge mature trees (beech, sugar maple, cherry, red oak, white sycamore, etc.).

Some of the rock formations reminded me of Old Man's Cave

Sarvis (serviceberry) tree; and a horseback rider (near Sulphur Springs), Miles Road entrance
Some of the flowers we saw: marsh marigold; blue violets; bluets; large-flowered trillium; trout lily; cutleaf toothwort; serviceberry (sarvis); spicebush; mayapple, squirrel corn (a relative of Dutchman's Breeches) . . . and many more I couldn't identify.
Spicebush in bloom along the Chagrin

Squirrel Corn


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