Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hiking Headwaters Park, East Branch Reservoir in Huntsburg Township

After supper last night I hiked in Headwaters Park on the west side of the East Branch Reservoir. This is where I hiked with my friend Micki Long and one of her friends last February or March and saw bald eagles nesting atop a tall tree. What surprised me was the extent of wildflowers along the trail. Some flowers had already faded (trout lily, for example). But I still saw lots of large-flowered trillium, 3 varieties of violets, foamflower, blue and white phlox, huge fields of skunk cabbage (now with gigantic leaves), mayapple, wild geranium, and some flower varieties I will have to look up. Amish use this park, hitch their buggies, walk the trails, and fish in the lake. The trees are mature and very tall. It's an amazing park--I guess one of the sources of Akron's water supply. Below ar some photos:

The bald eagles' nest is (barely) visible in this photo (on a peninsula in East Branch Reservoir)
Wild geranium amid phlox.

A field of mature skunk cabbage, in a wet area near the lake.

Rue anemone?



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