Sunday, May 18, 2014

Girdled Road Reservation in Lake County, Ohio

Today we went for a hike in the Girdled Road Reservation, which is in Concord and Leroy Townships, Lake County. What an amazing park, with the beautiful Big Creek, cutting a deep ravine, going over little falls; with a deep, mature woods, dominated by sugar maple, but with gigantic tulip trees, red oaks, beech, cherry, and many other varieties. The forest floor is alive with maybe 15 varieties of wildflowers, one of the best wildflower areas I have found in Northeast Ohio. The hike from the Girdled Road entrance was a challenge to my achy knees, with lots of ups and downs. It felt like I was hiking in Montana or in the Red River Gorge area of Kentucky.
Linda and me

Linda by a small falls on Big Creek


A wild morel mushroom

Lots of horseback riders in Girdled Road!
A gigantic tulip tree fell across Big Creek this past week

Linda on a foot bridge, Girdled Road Reservation

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