Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dr. Jim O'Connell--Physician to the Homeless in Boston

Today I heard the extraordinary news that my old Notre Dame/Innsbruck classmate, Jim O'Connell, has a new baby. Now most of my old classmates are bragging about new grand children, not children. Jim is one of the great humans on this planet. He founded and is president of the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (short bio of Jim O'Connell) and has been doing that work most of his professional life. Many of his patients are like the people we work with in the Karpos Ministry at St. Mary's Church in Painesville, Ohio, where we feed the hungry and homeless every Wednesday and Thursday evening. On a given day there could be 100 up to 150 meals served out of our small facility. Many of our guests sleep outside all year round, and in the video below Jim O'Connell talks about how vulnerable these folks are to health conditions many people live with. The Karpos Ministry was founded by Kathy Philipps and Gregg Stovicek and has been going on for about four or five years now. Linda and I have been part of it a little over two years.

Here is a link to the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program:

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