Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Couple of poems anticipating April

Early April Hallelujah Chorus

The spring peepers singing their hearts out last night
Right outside my window, in the wetlands, near the creek,

Chirping their love
Seeking out their Romeos and Juliets

Reckless frog lovers
One green inch of high C

Chanting to the drumbeat
Pulsing in their peeper souls

The hum in the blood,
The need for a mate

Louder than the call for food or sleep
Or anything else --

Not so different from
Human peepers of spring!
 [Robert M. Coughlin April 2002]

Midnight at Blue River
--for LRS, Floyd County, Kentucky

New moon late march night
a trillion stars
above Blue River dance

to tune of spring peepers,
hoot owls, hounds
chasing through the hills—

Our eyes perceive light
older than dinosaurs
traveling across millennia.

This ancient light encounters us,
blesses the long journey.

We walk quiet, serene,
hand-in-hand in the dark

                are suddenly
grateful for our little
lives for our little
light and love.

May it pour across
time and space

touch another
                                  [Bob Coughlin]

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