Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Dog's Life--Good Advice from Mary Pipher's "The Green Boat"

I've been reading a fine book about the earth's urgent environmental crisis and what we can do about it. The author is Mary Pipher, and the book is called "The Green Boat." That is what Mary Pipher calls her little piece of land in Lincoln, Nebraska. And the phrase "Green Boat" is a great metaphor for planet Earth.

Pipher has a chapter called "Balance" and an adjacent chapter called "Savoring the World We Have" in which she gives advice to those working so hard to save the earth, warriors at risk for burnout. She talks about the balanced flavors of Korean green tea: "The balance of the tea has led to a philosophy that teaches: try to live a life that is not too arduous, not too comfortable, not too difficult, not too grandiose, and not too complicated."

Later she quotes her friend Margie, who says, "If you want to know the time, ask a dog. They always know, and they'll tell you the correct time, which is now, now, now."

Great advice for a balanced life, living in the moment, in the now.

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