Friday, January 31, 2014

Poem about My Dad and Growing up in Euclid

Walking to Vitale’s with My Dad--February 1959
(Euclid, Ohio)

After supper we would walk briskly, Dad and me,
in the dark up East 266 Street, walk on the sidewalks
glazed by an inch of ice. We hardly said a word

to each other, but he knew
how much I loved him, admired him.
He was just happy to be walking
with his oldest son--no words needed.

We walked the 8/10 of a mile in 15 minutes,
a challenge for my 10-year-old legs.
Dad chatted with Tony Vitale, then bought
2 packs of Kent cigarettes and an Almond Joy.
I sat at the counter sipping a 12 cent chocolate Coke.

On the walk back, Dad gave me half the Almond Joy.
My own joy was unbounded, the crystal clear night,
the pure cold, being with my Dad.

Bob Coughlin/January 31, 2014

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