Saturday, February 27, 2010

Long Winter in Geauga County, Ohio!

This morning I looked out on about two feet of new snow (on top of who knows how much old snow!), and thought how we seem to be the snowiest place on earth. Of course that is ridiculous. But we are indeed the snowiest place in Ohio! Cleveland has certainly had less than half of our snowfall this year. Their temperatures and snow accumulations seem like a different world compared to ours--and we are probably only 40-45 miles east of the airport, where official weather conditions are measured around here.

I just checked temperatures in my favorite places across America and the world--and we in Chardon and Geauga County are the coldest and snowiest. I checked Kalispell, Montana, where my daughter CC is training with AmeriCorps and the Montana Conservation Corps; I checked her former home in Leadville, Colorado; I checked my home from long ago in Innsbruck, Austria; I check Lexington, Kentucky, where relatives live; I checked Athens, Ohio, where my youngest daughter lives; I checked Galway, Ireland, one of my favorite cities in the world. And of all these places, we were the coldest and snowiest. Geez, in Innsbruck, Austria, it is 50+ degrees--and that's in the Alps, the skiing capital of Europe! Kalispell should hit the high forties or 50 today, and that's on the Canadian-US border! And Leadville is in the high 20's right now, heading higher, and that's 2 miles above sea-level, in the highest of the Rockies!

What's the deal here? Is it some kind of Divine Retribution? I'm so glad that I have proclaimed March 1st as the First Official Day of Spring!


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