Friday, November 6, 2009

The Peak of My Football Career--Fall 1957

It's been all downhill since the fall of 1957 for my career as a football player--52 years downhill. I was the halfback on a St. William's [E. 260th Street in Euclid, Ohio] touch football team. I was installed as halfback, probably because I demonstrated good running speed in tryouts. And that fall I scored many, many touchdowns for my team, which played right behind St. William's School (now a blacktopped parking lot). As far as I know, the two best running backs in Cleveland that fall were me -- and Jimmy Brown. Brown is in the football hall of fame in Canton, Ohio; I am not.

This was the end of the leather helmet era. The kids on our team had the opportunity to pick over the old equipment used by St. William's CYO tackle team. I checked out an old leather helmet, but the stench (it smelled like vomit) changed my mind and I went for the plastic one.

I believe Mr. Rossa [or Rosa?] was our coach, and his son John was also on the team. I will post a photo soon that shows our team back in those good old days.

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