Monday, July 10, 2017

The Great Blueberry Harvest of 2017--a Poem

Blueberry Harvest

Spectacular this year
Every bush heavy laden with blueberries
Every hue of blue, light blue, sky blue, navy,
Blue-black, midnight blue,

If you’re blue, try eating these berries,

Luscious, puffed-up by early summer rains,
Sweet (and tart!) and so delicious that I salivate
At the very sight!

I pick them—or rather, they practically fall off the bush, unbidden,
Into my jar. The big ones don’t make it, though—
I pop them into my mouth as quick as a blue heron
Spears a blue gill.

These berries are going to marry my breakfast cereal,
Drop into pancake batter,
Mix with yogurt,
Avalanche over shortcake,

And stain my blue blue tongue!

Bob Coughlin / July 10, 2017

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