Thursday, November 3, 2016

I've written a poem in Spanish about a tragedy at the Mexican-American border.

en la frontera, los inmigrantes desesperados . . .

mujeres y niños llorones,
policía exigiendo documentos, pasaportes--

algunos niños agarran fuertemente los pasaportes americanos--
y las manos de sus madres--

pero las madres no tienen nada,
ningún pasaporte,

ninguna esperanza
para el viaje de vuelta largo a Guatemala,

donde no existe un futuro,
no existe nada.

[on the border, the desperate immigrants / mothers and children weeping / police demanding documents, passports / some children grasp fiercely their American passports and the hands of their mothers / but the mothers have nothing / no passport / no hope / for the long journey back to Guatemala / where there exists no future / where there is nothing]

I wrote this poem in response to a news report I saw two days ago on Univision. Here's a link to the piece:

If that doesn't work click here.

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