Friday, July 29, 2016

Colin's Illustrated Narrative about Learning to Swim

My daughter Julia helped her five-year-old son Colin organize a story about going to the Mentor Civic Center pool with Linda and me (she used an approach to teaching narrative writing that the educator Lucy Calkins has written about). Colin had been taking swimming lessons this summer, but her really broke through on this visit to the pool with us.

"Colin Nana and Brr in the Pol!" [Pol = pool; Brr is his name for me, the bearded Grampa]

"Colin Sxims!" [Colin swims! He uses x for w's]
"I XUZ hape!" [I was happy! Again, X is used for W.]

[An author's bio of Lucy Calkins states that she is "Founding Director of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, a New York City–based organization that has influenced literacy instruction around the globe for more than thirty years."]

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