Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Fun Winter Morning with My Grandson Colin

First thing, a class on junco birds at the Children's Schoolhouse Nature Center in Kirtland Hills. Then snowshoeing at Penitentiary Glenn Metropark in Kirtland. Then home, for bubble-blowing and baking blueberry muffins with Nana Linda. What a day for the boys!

Colin, making paper juncos at the Children's Schoolhouse Nature Center facility.

Colin's junco.

The Schoolhouse was built in 1898! The ranger rang the bell as we left the building.

The ranger took us for a short walk around the schoolhouse. We looked for likely junco nest locations.

Colin snowshoeing at Penitentiary Glenn Metropark.

Harder to walk on snowshoes than you'd think!

A cold, snowy day in Kirtland, Ohio.

A short video of Colin on snowshoes.

At Penitentiary Glenn.

Robby and Colin blowing bubbles with Nana Linda.

The boys were really in to this!

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