Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Remembering My Mom--November 10, 1923-December 8, 2003

Dad and Mom, August 1947. Willoughby, Ohio

The Gift

This chilly, foggy December 8th morning,
Twelve years after your peaceful passing into a new life . . .

We remember you, Mom.

You our protector, the one who loved us and cared for us
In good times and bad.

I remember your brood, all siting on the davenport
A winter’s night in the early ‘60s,
Dad working the hated second trick at Fisher Body,
We watching some silly tv show, The Real McCoys,
Seventy-Seven Sunset Strip, Lawrence Welk—for God’s sake.
The whole crew snuggling next to you, Bobby, Denny,
Mary Ellen, Kevin, Jimmy.

Denny and Mary Ellen
Brushing your beautiful hair.
Jimmy and Kevin playing with their toys—
Hand-me-downs to hand-me-downs—they didn’t mind a bit.

Bobby making fudge, the great family treat,
You taking a call from "Duty," from Julia, your blood sister,
Sister of your deep heart.
Skip, your beloved brother, dropping by, out of the blue,
Unannounced, perfectly welcome.

By 9:30 or 10, all your brood put to bed,
You wait for Dad to come home from work.
We sleep deeply, the way children do,
Confident in the security and love
You have given us—

Precious gift beyond calculation.

The crew (minus Baby Jimmy). With neighbors Buster and Jackie Zylowski.

Susie Brock and Mom, 1957.

First Communion party, cicrca 1955 or '57.

Skip, Mom, Uncle Don--circa 1940.

Bobby, Denny, Mary Ellen. circa 1954.

Mom, Mary Ellen, Jimmy. Circa 1960.

So many relatives gone! Circa 1980?

Look how happy everyone was!


Unknown said...

Love those pictures. We had a great childhood, didn't we?

Unknown said...

Love those pictures. We had a great childhood, didn't we?

View from the North Coast said...

Yes, we were very blessed, very lucky!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories! We did have the best childhood! And the worst dogs (Taffy)! Den