Monday, September 14, 2015

My First Half Marathon (River Run Half Marathon 2015)

Well I wish I could say I ran one yesterday--say, the "River Run" from Berea, Ohio, to Rocky River. But no. What I did was watch the finish of my first half marathon, which is 13.1 miles. I watched my daughters Emily and Julia, and their husbands Brian and Ed, finish their runs. I must say that it was so beautiful, so inspiring to see this. First of all, I couldn't believe how many people finished this race. They ranged in age from teens to 80 years old (an 80 year old woman, Pauline Beatty, finished the race in about 4 hours and fifteen minutes--she was last of the finishers, but maybe the greatest champion there!). The overall winner, David Petrak, ran the race in 1:07:32, which to me is astonishing. My son-in-law Brian Homan ran in the race in 2:03:19; Ed Kleppel was not far behind at 2:10:47; and my daughters, Julia, and Emily, ran across the finish line together around 2:19:20, give or take a couple seconds.

What I didn't realize was first of all how many people could do this. I'm guessing a thousand people or more finished this half marathon. And they did it with such enthusiasm and esprit, and for the most part a spirit of cooperation. I'm sure that among the top finishers there is an intense spirit of competition, but I think most of the runners were running against the clock and their previous performances. Maybe many were just running against the distance, to see if they could do it.

What a wonderful inspiration this was. Makes me want to participate in walks and runs. Not sure if my 67-year-old legs could run any great distance, but I certainly could walk  a 5K, 10K, or even 13.1 mile event. And I plan on doing that soon!

Some photos:

Julia and Ed at the finish line

Brian, Emily, Julia, Ed

Emily and Brian

Julia with Colin, Emily

Em and Julia, running pretty hard toward the finish line

The last stretch of the race, through Rocky River Reservation.

Ed flashed by me before I could get the camera ready. He's in a dark gray shirt.

Linda, with Colin, watching the race.

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