Friday, September 4, 2015

Kay Coughlin--A Productive and Very Generous Person

In a couple days I will receive a donation from my Aunt Kay Coughlin--thirty scarves she crocheted for the homeless of Painesville. I will give then to Kathy Philipps of the St. Mary's Karpos Ministry (Karpos is involved in feeding, clothing, and sheltering the homeless).

Aunt Kay has been making crocheted afghans, scarves, and other such thing for years. She may be the most productive and generous person I know. Her daughter Kelly sent me an email telling me the extent of her work:

I talked to my mom, and asked her about how many afghans she has crocheted.   She said she made a total of 500 until 2010 . . . . Since then she has made 35 a year = 175 -- so a grand total of 675 (of which she still has 30 in the other room of her house ready to sell and give the money to the church).   
The 500 she made prior to 2010 were all made and given away as either gifts or donations.
The 175 she has made since 2010 she has sold and donated all the proceeds to her church, St. Mary Magdalene, totalling over $2000.

Now this doesn't include baby blankets, baby outfits, mittens, hats, scarves, tablecloths, and many other items she has made throughout her lifetime.  She has also made lap blankets for nursing homes and tiny blankets for babies for Birthright over the years (the numbers above don't count those either). Now she is on to scarves, making many for my niece Candace's 2nd grade classes . . . .  She is making scarves for the church to distribute to the poor and has made 100 this year; she is making another 30 to donate to your charity. 

What can you say but "Wow!" and "Thanks!"

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