Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jackson Browne in Concert in the Cleveland Flats (with Set List)

Last evening we had the good fortune to see Jackson Browne in concert at the Jacobs Nautica Pavilion in the Flats. It was a magnificent concert, in an amazing venue. The Cuyahoga River was the backdrop, with pleasure boats, skulling crews, and freighters sailing up and down the river during the concert (including a 900 foot lake freighter!).

Jackson Browne is one of our greatest troubadours and singer-songwriters. His work spans almost 50 years, and he is still full of creativity and energy. His voice was terrific and his band is the best. I can't imagine a better lead guitarist than the fellow playing last night. Browne was accompanied by 2 guitarists, a bass player, an organist, a pedal-steel player, a drummer, and a backup singer. He himself played several different kinds of guitars, including a National Steel or Dobro. He also played the piano beautifully. I found this paragraph on the internet mentioning the names of his band members:
"Accompanying Browne on both the album and tour will be his longtime band consisting of Val McCallum on guitar, bassist Bob Glaub, drummer Mauricio Lewak and keyboardist Jeff Young. Joining them will be Greg Leisz on guitar, lap steel and pedal steel."

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Here are some photos from the evening:

Linda by the Crooked River before the concert.

Cleveland's skyline, as seen from the west bank of the river.

The Nautica tent, with one of our old bridges in the air.

Skulling crews on the river.

"Doctor My Eyes"

Gigantic lake freighter moves toward Collision Bend during the concert.
Here is the set list from last night's concert:

  1. Set 1
  2. Set 2
  3. Encore:
  4. Our Lady of the Well

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