Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Nice Sunday Morning on the North Coast of the United States

First thing is to drive to the Lourdes Shrine in Euclid, Ohio--where Rt. 6 (Chardon Road) meets Rt. 20 (Euclid Avenue). We have done this for years in the summer, attending the outside mass by the Grotto. We regard it as a holy place. On a good Sunday morning, 200-300 people might come there for mass, which is usually presided over by a professor from Borromeo/St. Mary's Seminary.

The Grotto, where mass is held

Rosie Kohl's father was the architect for this chapel at the Lourdes Shrine

After mass, we drive north up Nottingham Road to East 185th Street--to Buettner's Bakery, for coffee and sweet rolls. This is an inexpensive, old-fashioned bakery--and we love it.

And then to Lake Erie, to Wildwood Park, near Neff Road. My mother grew up a block from the park, and I often fished there as a kid. The park had been a state park until recently and it was horribly mismanaged. Now it is part of the Cleveland MetroParks, and things are improving! They recently build a footbridge over Euclid Creek, connecting Wildwood to the old Villa Angela site and to Euclid Beach. Here are some photos from this park:

Linda on the new bridge.

Wildwood Park

Wildwood Marina

The bridge over Euclid Creek

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