Friday, April 24, 2015

Retirement Dinner

Last night the English Department faculty at Lakeland Community College, where I have worked for the past 27 years, had a retirement dinner for me and my colleagues Micki Ling and Deb Shearer. All but two people were able to make it. Even two of our beloved retirees, Phil Skerry and Larry Needham, came! These are all very bright people--most of them have doctorates. A few are brilliant poets and fiction writers. I have been so lucky to work with them and to work at Lakeland all these years.

Micki, David, Larry, Phil, Patrick, Meryl, Jamie on left. Sue, Tobin, Deb, me, Linda, Joanna, and Angie on right.

Larry, Sue (reading my poem "Harry Man"), and Phil.

Linda, me, and Deb.

Phil, telling one of his stories. To his right, Patrick and Meryl.

Patrick, Meryl, Larry.

Angie and Joanna.

Phil, Patrick, Meryl.

Micki, David, Larry. I have worked with Micki for 27 years. She has been our union president for 10 of those years.

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