Saturday, April 4, 2015

Prayer of the Faithful for Easter 2015

Below are the Petitions/Prayer of the Faithful that I prepared for St. Mary's Painesville for Easter:

Prayer of the Faithful for April 5, 2015. Easter Sunday. Resurrection of the Lord

Celebrant: As we celebrate the Eucharist on this Feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord, let us, dear sisters and brothers, approach the one God to voice all our needs.

·  In thanksgiving that we too can sing out, “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad.” We pray to the Lord.

·  In thanksgiving that we, “the stones the builder rejected,” will become the cornerstones of the Kingdom of God on earth, the New Jerusalem. We pray to the Lord.

·  In thanksgiving for those who received the sacraments of initiation in the Church: Jessica, Maria-Virginia, Diane, Barry, Melodie-Anne, Javier, Yoselin, and Sandra. We pray to the Lord.

·  That we might rise like Jesus and be renewed in our energy to build a peaceful and just world. We pray to the Lord.

·  For the Catholic Church, that it might rise and be renewed like the Risen Christ. We pray to the Lord.

·  For all our suffering friends and neighbors enduring sickness, poverty, family problems, mental illness, and other trials--that they might take hope from our Lord’s own suffering and Resurrection. We pray to the Lord.

·  and for those for whom this mass is offered [name them]. We pray to the Lord.

Let us pause now and silently offer to the Father our own particular intentions [...allow for silence...]. We pray to the Lord.

Celebrant: Father, today on Easter and throughout the Easter season, we have hope that you will be moved to hear and respond to our sincere prayers, for they are asked in the name of your risen Son, and in the power of your Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

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