Saturday, April 4, 2015

Living Stations of the Cross--At St. Mary's Painesville

Last evening the Mexican and Central American parishioners of St. Mary's in Painesville put on a Living Stations of the Cross pageant. It was extraordinary--and a little scary. It felt very realistic and helped one to imagine the suffering and death of Jesus. There were about 35 actors in costume, maybe a few more. About 300 people observed in the pews, the majority of them Hispanic. They brought all their children (and must have prepared them ahead of time so that they wouldn't be frightened). Here are a few photos from last night.

Fr. Steve Vallenga, at the pulpit, translated the words into English.

The centurions mocked, spat at, yelled at, and whipped Jesus as he made his way.

Jesus carrying his cross.

The crucifixion scene was stunning.

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