Saturday, April 11, 2015

Indian Point Park--in Leroy Township, Ohio

Indian Point is a beautiful and very interesting Metropark in Leroy Township, about 5 miles south of Painesville, Ohio. It is on a  triangular ridge, high above the confluence of Paine Creek and the Grand River. This was the site of an Indian Fort that dates back over 2000 years.

The fort area has built-up palisades that presumably were fortifications

A long stairway takes you from the fort are down to the creek-river confluence

Blooms of a silver maple along the Grand River

This is the confluence. A fisherman here was after steelhead trout

Me on a strange white sycamore

Looking up toward the hilltop fort from Paine Creek

The stairs as seen from the top

Gigantic hemlock and white pine around the fort area. Some are 150 feet tall and probably 200+ years old.

Looking from the hilltop across the swollen Grand River
Indian Point is adjacent to Paine Falls Metropark and Hell Hollow Metropark. Hell Hollow is called a wilderness (by a rather loose definiton of the term "wilderness"). All in all, this is an amazing natural area that protects the Grand River watershed. Besides the great natural beauty here, there is important cultural and historic dimensions to this area.

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