Monday, March 16, 2015

The Great Priest and Notre Dame Professor Has Died: "Dick McBrien, free at last" | National Catholic Reporter

Dick McBrien, free at last | National Catholic Reporter

Yesterday I found out that Fr. Richard McBrien, the great priest, theologian, and professor at the University of Notre Dame, has died. I emailed him a couple of times over the years when he was under fierce attack by reactionary bishops and others who somehow saw themselves as defenders of the faith. Fr. McBrien was kind enough to respond to me in the middle of his busy life. He seemed fearless and wasn't cowed by those trying to destroy him (yes, some people tried to destroy this great man--they should be ashamed). The above article was published in the National Catholic Reporter and written by Eugene Kennedy. There is also a wonderful obituary in the New York Times, and I will try to find a link to that.

I think it was Fr. McBrien who once said, "I am a 2000-year Christian!" He was aware of the broad, long, and diverse history of the Church and wasn't sucked into the narrow, twisted version that so often passes for Catholicism today.

Rest in Peace, Fr. Richard McBrien. And thank you for your courageous witness!

Richard McBrien in his office at Notre Dame

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