Monday, March 16, 2015

Good-bye and Good Riddance to Winter! Hello Spring!

I normally think of St. Patrick's Day as the first day of spring (and I do that in spite of all the evidence that we are still in later winter!). Today, as I was teaching a class at Lakeland Community College, I looked out the third floor window, and in the distance I could see frozen Lake Erie. From here it still looks like the lake is frozen solid. I know that the ice is starting to break up--and it is being broken up by ice-breaking ships trying to open up shipping lanes.

For the past two months Lake Erie has been frozen solid. I have heard figures like 96% and 98% frozen. But practically speaking it has been 100%. Geez, you could probably drive a four-wheeler across the lake--or ride a horse! But it won't be long before fishermen and recreational boaters are back out on the big waters of the beautiful lake. I gave away my boat this past fall, but plan on hitching a ride now and again with my brother Jim and Barry O'Donnell.

Here are some photos taken three weeks ago at Mentor Beach Park:

Looking north past the building at Mentor Beach Park

The frozen lake is not all smooth!

An animal made tracks out onto the ice.

No swimming or boating this February day!

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