Monday, March 23, 2015

An Extraordinary Passage from Fr. Richard Rohr's Daily Meditation

In today's meditation, Fr. Richard Rohr writes:

The mystery of Christ is revealed, and the Christ "comes again," whenever you are able to see the spiritual and the material coexisting, in any moment, in any event, and in any person. God's hope for history seems to be that humanity will one day be able to recognize its dignity as the divine dwelling place, which it shares with the rest of creation. I don't know when it will happen or what it will look like to reach the tipping point, for the Christ Mystery to come to fullness. All I know is that this meaning, planted in the middle of things, was meant to give humanity both direction and immense confidence. I suspect "the Second Coming of Christ" happens whenever and wherever we allow this to be utterly true for us. We're still living in the in-between right now, slowly edging forward, with much resistance. As it says in Romans 8:22-23, creation is "groaning in anticipation," or as one translation states, "We are standing on tiptoe waiting for the revelation of the sons and daughters of God." I hope such implanted hope gets your whole life up on its toes!

Richard Rohr invokes science to offer some plausible explanation for the Resurrection and for these religious mysteries. The poet in me is attracted to his ideas. There apparently was a poet inside St. Paul (and it certainly wasn't always visible in Paul's writings!) when he writes the "world is groaning in anticipation." Yes, the crucified world aches and groans for love and justice!

I do love the idea expressed above that some day humans will recognize that we, like Jesus, are both human and diving, Sons and Daughters of God, and that this spark within us gives us "both direction and immense confidence."

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