Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The World Cries Out for Your Help! --a new poem

The World cries out for your help!

The earth aches, humanity groans.
There are so many hungry people,
hungry for bread, hungry for food,
hungry for respect. Can you reach them a hand?

So many homeless, so many ill-clothed,
can you give them your old shoes,
the coat you never wear, that sweater sitting in the dresser drawer?
The money you store for just in case--can you spare

a few bucks for sleeping bags, blankets, baby clothes?

What can you do? What talents do you have?
What needs cry out most to you?

Every one has a role. If you have a clear mind, a strong arm, a strong back,
a few bucks, a little time, a little will--

Can you share a small portion with those who have only aching need?

Bob Coughlin / February 9, 2015

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