Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Pope Speaks Out on Economics! "Purchasing is always a moral act"

I just saw this on Alternet--an article by David Morris:

On December 10th the Vatican released the text of still another vigorous message by Pope Francis in support of oppressed workers. “(M)illions of people today – children, women and men of all ages – are deprived of freedom and are forced to live in conditions akin to slavery,” he asserts. “I think of the many men and women laborers, including minors , subjugated in different sectors, whether formally or informally, in domestic or agricultural workplaces, or in the manufacturing or mining industry; whether in countries where labor regulations fail to comply with international norms and minimum standards, or, equally illegally, in countries which lack legal protection for workers’ rights.”
The Pope’s statement is not a call to reflection but to action, “Every person ought to have the awareness that ‘purchasing is always a moral – and not simply an economic – act’.” Francis wants us to buy as if someone else’s life depended on it. And he wants us to act not only as individuals but collectively. “We ought to recognize that we are facing a global phenomenon which exceeds the competence of any one community or country. In order to eliminate it, we need a mobilization comparable in size to that of the phenomenon itself.”
Today is Pope Francis' 78th birthday. If he doesn't live another day, he has already had a huge impact on the Catholic Church and on the World. He will go down in history as one of the greatest popes. In my lifetime only Pope John XXIII is his equal.
Pope Francis really cares about economics. Economics has moral and religious implications!

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