Monday, December 15, 2014

New Poem--about Suffering


You have emerged from the dark tunnel
into the marvelous light--

a bit scarred, yes, marks of the crown of thorns there 
on your scalp, under your hair,
and on your feet, hands, and chest,
the marks of the stigmata--
very subtle, hardly noticeable really, O friend.

You have suffered a lot,
have seen too much of death.
You once told me, "Everyone I ever loved . . .
has died."

And, of course, you know that you and I
will follow that path one day ourselves.

You have emerged, with a wicked sense of humor
and deepened humanity. Forgive others,
and yourself, more easily now.

Those who've walked in the darkness
have seen a great Light.
This Light, of spirit, liveliness, strange grace,
shines in the darkness.

And the darkness cannot overcome it.

[Bob Coughlin / December 15, 2014]

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