Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Poem for the Last Sunny and Warm Day of the Year

Last Warm and Sunny Day of the Year

And I spend it in this park with you
Ambling slowly, hardly speaking, hand in hand,
Or arm in arm, with you—

The world’s troubles, yes we know them,
Engage them most days, with the “stubborn ounces
Of our weight.” But not this afternoon.

We, you and me, in the sunlight, through the naked trees,
Rustle through the leaf litter, let the sun fall
On our eyes and arms, and

(leaving the coming cold and danger for another day)—
Bask in the warmth of mid-November sun
And the glow of this love we have, smoldering

Deep in our hearts and bones.

                                                            Bob Coughlin / 11 November 2014

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