Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hiram Irish Music Session--Spring Version

Today we had the spring edition of the Hiram Irish Music Session. The word "session" (in Irish "Seisiun") is a term used among players of Irish music and it simply has to do with musicians getting together and playing Irish (and other types) of songs, jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, marches, airs, planxties, etc. for two or three hours. Often sessions take place in pubs; this one takes place a few times a year in Frohring Hall, the music building at Hiram College. Tina Dreisbach organizes it and leads it, along with her husband Paul.

Today's session had about 22 musicians and 15 observers. There was a great variety of instruments. I counted about 4 fiddlers, 2 or 3 Irish flute players, many whistle players, 2 people with mandolins (one with a metal resonator), an Irish bouzouki player, a harpist, a bodhran player (Sheldon Firem), many guitarists, a ukulele player, a couple of concertina players, an autoharp player, a pianist, and perhaps other things I just missed. I knew some of the musicians, but certainly not all!

Sheldon on bodhran; Tina on Irish flute

Rob, on piano; he knows every tune and every verse of every song!

Nice view of many of the musicians

I will list many of the tunes played at today's session (my favorites in bold print)

Ash Grove
Augusta Waltz (Bob McQuillen)
Bride's Favorite
Friendly Visit Hornpipe
Keane O'Hara's 1st Air
Hewlett (O'Carolan)
Golden Keyboard
Sligo Maid
Amelia's Waltz (Bob McQuillen)
Sally Gardens (song)
Madam Maxwell (O'Carolan)
St. Anne's Reel
Boyne Hunt
Haunted House
Banshee's Wail
Haste to the Wedding
John Ryan's Polka
Raglan Road
Dennis Murphy's Polka
Ger the Rigger
Maggie in the Wood
Enchanted Lake
Eleanor Plunkett (O'Carolan)
Fanny Power (O'Carolan)
Morning Star
Longford Collector
Whiskey in the Jar (song)
Danny Boy (song)
Whiskey Before Breakfast

. . . and many more!

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