Tuesday, January 14, 2014

When Lake Erie Freezes

Lake Erie--Frozen Solid

the awesome sight--huge
pressure domes of ice
heaved into ridges
chaotic frozen waves
far as the eye can see
wondrous powerful lake

I could walk to Canada
if I had the imagination

I love Lake Erie in all seasons, in all its moods. This has been true from my earliest childhood in Willoughby-on-the-Lake, when my dad and my Uncle Jack would take us swimming down the street from our house. The above poem, written long ago, began with images of the Lake. But as poems sometimes do, it moved in an unexpected direction and became a poem about the power of imagination; it became a poem about creativity, about the writing of poetry.

Below: some photos from 2003, taken at Fairport Harbor, Ohio.
Me on the frozen lake. Fairport Harbor.

Carolan. Fairport Harbor, looking east.

A strange swirl of fish caught in the ice. Fairport Harbor.

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