Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some Haiku Poems for Winter

Some Winter Haikus for My Mom (and One for Linda)
 Written January 23, 2014

Haiku is a Japanese form that normally has 3 lines, with 5 syllables in line 1, 7 in line 2, and 5 in line 3. These poems usually have vivid sense imagery.

Snow Days

Grim driving to work.
Snow and ice bring frowns (and smiles,
Recalling childhood).


January 1959

Icy Zeman Ave.
We grab car bumpers—great ride!

Hope Mom doesn’t find out!


Denny flings snowball
At the Euclid Bus—breaks window.

Run boys—we’re in big trouble!

Mom in Winter 1959

Brings her red-faced boys
Steaming hot chocolate. She knows
We’ve been up to mischief—and laughs!


And a haiku for Linda:


Crocus pushing through
The snow.  First love blooming now,
     So unexpected!

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