Monday, April 1, 2013

Few Pics from Easter 2013

Colin, Aunt Emily, and Play-Do
Linda, Colin, and "Brr", by Bunny Cake
Julia and Colin, Making the Bunny Cake
Julia, Colin, and Nana Linda, Making the Bunny Cake


Anonymous said...

I am sitting in my Mother's house on E 274 st. As I walked around the neighborhood today I was thinking about all my boyhood friends and wondered what happened to Gary Czyzynski. A web search turned up his name and your North Coast blog. Very nostalgic reading. Jim Allsip and Jay Neidermeyer were friends of mine as well. I.m an EHS 67 grad, John Rice aka "wheat" , a nickname Gary gave me.
I think I will wade through a few more of your posts

View from the North Coast said...

Thanks for your nice comment, John! those were the halcyon days of kids in Euclid! Yes, Gary, Jim, Jay, all those guys.

Gary gave everyone a name. He called me "Wild Man" and "Cogs." He was one heck of a football player.