Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Broken Hearts in Chardon

Yesterday was a sad day in Chardon, in Geauga County, in Northeast Ohio. Thomas ("TJ") Lane was sentenced for his murder of three innocent Chardon High School students, the crippling of another one, and the wounding of two others.

At the sentencing Lane proceeded to unbutton his dress shirt, revealing an undershirt with the word "Killer" scrawled on it. And then he uttered a disgusting obscenity to the families of the dead and wounded, while giving them the finger.

It appeared that those in the courtroom were too stunned to believe their ears and eyes. And it all seemed to happen too quickly to usher Lane out of the courtroom and back to the jail.

The effect was absolutely stunning. It was a slap in the face to those already deeply mourning. Some family members of the victims made statements after TJ Lane's display, and he sat there smirking at them, almost mocking them. I don't know how Dina Parmetor (mother of the murdered Danny Parmetor) held up.

We want Mr. and Mrs. Parmetor, and the parents, relatives, and friends of all the victims to know: we honor you, we honor your dead and wounded children. We will always mourn the loss. We will help you restore your lives.

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