Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bishop Lennon's Excommunication of Fr. Bob Marrone Is Baloney!

Cleveland's bishop, Richard Lennon, announced yesterday the excommunication of one of the diocese's great priests, Fr. Bob Marrone. Fr. Marrone is the leader of the Community of St. Peter. Not long ago he was pastor of  St. Peter's Church, one of Cleveland's oldest and most historic parishes (my great grandparents, Cornelius Coughlin and Lizzie Ierg were married there in the 1880s!). Then a couple years ago Bishop Lennon closed this vibrant community down (this closing and about 11 other closings were later overturned by the Vatican--a slap in the face of Bishop Lennon). When the church was closed, Fr. Marrone and about 300 parishioners moved to another location, 7100 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44104, where they've re-established their vibrant community. To see what the Community of St. Peter is doing, check out their website:

Bishop Lennon has damaged the Diocese of Cleveland severely since his tenure began. He continues to do that.

My prayers are with Fr. Bob Marrone and his community members. My advice: just keep following where the Holy Spirit leads you!

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