Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Remembering Chardon

A year ago this morning, right around 7:45 am, I drove west on US Route 6 in Chardon, Ohio, heading for work. Right around the time I passed Maple Avenue, about a third of a mile from Chardon High School, I started hearing confusing radio reports about a possible shooting at the school two of my daughters had attended. I continued down Rt 44, which is called Center Street in Chardon, passing the Giant Eagle and Walmart right around the time an emergency medical helicopter was landing thereabouts.

The end result was a slaughter of three young lives, Danny Parmertor, Russell King Jr, and Demetrius Hewlin; the serious injury to Nick Walczak; and injuries to Joy Rickers and Nate Mueller. The shooter was TJ Lane, who yesterday pleaded guilty to the murders.

How many people were really injured and powerfully affected by this event--that can never be said with any certainty. I've seen Mr. and Mrs. Parmertor in church and watched an interview of them on television this morning. You can still see the deep pain and sorrow in their faces. We want Mr. and Mrs. Parmetor, as well as the parents, families, and friends of all the victims (and even the shooter, TJ Lane, and his family) to know that we are with them, we share their pain, we will continue helping them rebuild their lives.

We will never forget their loved ones. We will do all we can to prevent something like this from happening again.

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