Monday, July 9, 2012

The Death of Irish Language Speaker Ron Cartwright

Today the Irish Language study group at the East Side Irish-American Club (Euclid, Ohio) heard the devastating news that our longtime classmate Ron Cartwright died in a bicycle accident this past Saturday, July 7th. Ron was 63 years old, in excellent shape--just back from a trek on the Appalachian Trail. Last year he spent a week or two with family members riding his bike the length and breadth of the state of Ohio. So for him to fall off his bike and die is so hard to accept.

We feel so deeply for Ron's wife Jan, and their children (most of whom also participated in our Irish class). We also mourn the loss to our class and the small Irish-speaking community.

The Passing of Fr. Tom Tifft

Here is a link to Fr. Tifft's obit, as printed in the News-Herald.  What is  left out is the soul, the spirit of the man. I hope there's someone out there who knows more of his story. I think he once told me that he grew up in the Collinwood neighborhood, near the New York Central Railroad yards, and was part of the St. Joseph parish (where many of my Fitzpatrick cousins went to church and school). I believe Fr. Tifft graduated from St. Joseph High School in Cleveland in 1959. He was ordained a priest in 1969. I will correct any of this info if I find it to be incorrect.

Rest in Peace, Fr. Tom!

Here's the link: Fr. Tom Tifft's obituary

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Prayers for Fr. Tom Tifft

I'm not sure this photo, or any photo, can capture the essence of Fr. Thomas Tifft. A priest of the Cleveland Catholic Diocese (for about 43 years!), the priest who officiated at my daughter Julia and son-in-law Ed's wedding, fellow St. Joseph High School graduate, friend of hundreds of priests and laity. Both a man of great intellect and simplicity. Lover of sports: the Indians, Browns, and Notre Dame. An ordinary and yet extraordinary man.

We have had the great privilege to live in this man's presence and under his influence. Who could ever take his place?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fr. Thomas Tifft, Great Priest of the Cleveland Diocese

We have heard the sad news that Fr. Tom Tifft, President and Rector of St. Mary's Seminary (at Borromeo in Wickliffe) is suddenly and gravely ill. Fr. Tifft is one of the great priests of the Cleveland Catholic Diocese. He is also just a wonderful and normal man. We love him very much. His fate is in the hands of the Lord, whom he has served so well and so faithfully for over 40 years. He is a beloved priest, a beloved man, and he is in our prayers.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mini-Reunion of Notre Dame Dorm Mates (1966-67)

Last week I visited the home of Russ and Barbara Lindemann outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan (Lake Bella Vista). There I met John and Kathy Hess, of Boston, Massachusetts. John, Russ, and I were dorm mates in 1966-67 at the University of Notre Dame (4th floor of Breen-Phillips Hall). It was so great to see John and Russ again and to meet their wives. We had a fine boat ride on Lake Bella Vista and a nice visit to Grand Haven, Michigan, and its Lake Michigan beach.

Colin at His Music Class--Willoughby Fine Arts

This short video shows my grandson, Colin Jude, at a music class, conducted by Anne Marie at the Willoughby Fine Arts Association. Julia can be seen here dancing with Colin.