Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carolan Training with Crosscut Saws

I found this photo of my daughter Carolan training on crosscut saws with her colleagues in the Southwest Conservation Corps (out of Salida, Colorado). We think she'll be working in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains Wilderness this summer (this is in the Rio Grande National Forest). When in designated wilderness areas, conservation workers cannot use chain saws.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rest in Peace, Detective Sgt. Blakeley

Last night we heard the devastating news of the passing of Euclid police officer Kevin Blakeley. This is a stunning Good Friday moment for all of us--an impenetrable mystery.

Our sincere prayers for Kevin's wife and children, for his friends and colleagues.

"Parce Domine! Parce Populo Tuo. Ne in Aeternum, Irascaris Nobis."

Friday, April 8, 2011

Uncle Bill's Wake and Funeral

My Uncle Bill's wake was at the Jack Monreal Funeral Home On March 29th. Over 600 people paid their respects, many of whom are relatives. Just to mention a few people I hadn't seen in a while: my cousins Tim Fitzpatrick and Sheila Fitzpatrick; cousin Jerry Coughlin; cousin Sam Galioto; cousin Jill Charske and her husband Bill; Jack O'Donnell; Ellen McHugh--and so many more. An Irish wake is fun in spite of the sadness, in spite of the loss.

The beautiful funeral mass took place on Wednesday, March 30th at St. Mary Magdalene's in Willowick. Father's homily was so beautiful and so personal; it reminded me again (as if I needed reminding) how beautiful our church can be--and how we are best at celebrating life's passages. Following the burial at bitter cold All Souls Cemetery in Chardon, family and friends met again at the LaMalfa catering center in Mentor--and then it was over, the hard part. Luckily my brother Denny and his wife Sher were in town and we had quite a week with them.

I thank god for my Irish Catholic family and for the life of my Uncle Bill. Somehow we have to take on the joyful fun-loving spirit and deep faith that Bill had. We have to take care of Aunt Kay and help our cousins through this time of mourning.