Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Passing of Lois Cherry Goldy

This past Sunday, after mass at St. Mary's in Painesville, Ohio, I approached an elderly lady and asked her if she was Lois Cherry (I knew that Lois often attended 9 AM mass and sat in this particular location). She said that no, she wasn't Lois, and that Lois had passed on this past year. I was so sorry to hear this news--because Lois Cherry Goldy was my Mom's cousin and the maid of honor at my Mom and Dad's wedding in August of 1947. The passing of Lois, in late August of 2009, was one of the last links to my Mom. A couple of Mom's cousins still survive (I'm thinking of Sally and Pat Kearns; and some of the Sullivan kids, who were probably 10-15 years younger than Mom--Mary Ellen Sullivan, Sally Sullivan Silvaroli, and Mike and John Sullivan). But so many are gone now.

I located Lois Cherry Goldy's obituary online, at this address: http://www.news-herald.com/articles/2009/08/26/obituaries/nh1347976.txt

The obit mentioned that Lois' funeral was held August 28, 2009 at St. Mary's in Painesville; that she was born January 31, 1927, in Cleveland to Earl Cherry and Sara Sullivan Cherry. Sara Sullivan was my Mom's aunt and my Grandmother Margaret Ann Sullivan Fitzpatrick's sister.

Lois went to Villa Angela Academy in Cleveland (my Mom went there briefly before transferring to Notre Dame Academy on Ansel Road in Cleveland. Lois was married 3 years after my Mom and Dad were married--to Carl T. Goldy. They were married in Cleveland then moved to Painesville. They were married 50 years before Carl passed away. The obit states that she enjoyed playing bocce, and was "an avid seamstress, making more than 100 afghans for family and friends." Also--"she enjoyed the Cleveland Indians, bowling, cats, and especially adored her grandchildren."

Lois is survived by her sons Tim and Tom; daughter Jane; five grandchildren; her brother Richard; and many nieces, nephews, and other relatives.

So this link to my Mom is gone, and the opportunity to talk to Lois and ask her about growing up in the Euclid Beach area of Cleveland is gone. Requiescat in Pace, Lois.