Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Great Karan Casey at Nighttown Tonight, 7 PM

The greatest Irish singer, Karan Casey, is singing with her band at Nighttown tonight (Nighttown is located in Cleveland Heights at the top of the Cedar Road Karan Casey formerly sang with the Irish group "Solas," and has in the past years worked solo and with her own band.

I heard her sing at noon today on Dee Perry's show on 90.3 FM. I wept while driving my car as she sang a traditional Irish tune. One of the greatest gifts on earth is a beautiful voice singing a beautiful song--and that's what you get from the great Karan Casey!

I have Casey's latest CD, Ships in the Forest. On that CD she sings an old Joni Mitchell song, "The Fiddle and the Drum." How could this song ever be sung more poignantly, more beautifully?

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