Friday, April 9, 2010

Poem about the West Virginia Mining Disaster

Sarvis Winter

Five miles inside this mountain
Rescue teams feel their way through the dark and poisoned mine.

Above, in the hollows of Raleigh County,
On the steep hillsides along Upper Big Branch,
The sarvis trees bloom
As the weather turns dark and much colder:
“Sarvis Winter” the old-timers call it.

Vigils are held, lives in deep freeze,
Suspended animation. Incoherent prayers
Reach to the mountain tops
And from there to the ears of God.

Bless the Dead, O Lord!
Save the Living!
Help the Suffering Families!

(Bob Coughlin
April 8, 2010 )

Poem copyright 2010 by Robert M. Coughlin. All rights reserved.

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