Monday, March 8, 2010

Six Days of Sunshine--A New Record!

We have had cloudless skies six straight days. Never in the history of the universe has this happened in Northeast Ohio! These past days the mornings have been very cold in Chardon (say 10-15 degrees), but by mid-day, the temperatures have risen to above freezing (ideal weather for maple sugaring). Yesterday it was in the mid 40's! The snow has melted slowly but surely (the way we like it). Still, there is between a foot and 18 inches of snow in my yard (and about 2 feet in the field and woods). And Lake Erie is frozen as far as you can see. Near the Lake, patches of grass are visible. And in some south-facing areas, the green shoots of daffodils, about 3 inches high, can be seen.

Spring is a-coming!

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