Friday, January 15, 2010

Lamentation for Haiti

I wish I had the musical skills of Grey Larsen or Malcolm Dalglish. If I did, I would write a mournful tune, "Lamentation for Haiti," expressing my shock and grief at the earthquake tragedy that happened (and is still unfolding!) in that country.

It is time for prayer and for action. Few of us can actually go to Haiti, though I hope those with rescuing skills, medical skills, and organizational skills go there directly to help. Most Americans can give money. If you are very poor, give the "widow's mite," the little bit that you can. If you are blessed with money and resources, give all you can. I would give money to trusted sources, like Food for the Poor, Catholic Relief Services, American Friends Service Committee (Quakers), the Mennonite Central Committee, the American Red Cross, and similar organizations. You want most of that money to get to the the needy in Haiti.

Remember: the Lord blesses and loves those rescued and safe; He also blesses and loves those injured and dead. Let's not allow bad theology (Pat Robertson?) to get in the way of our help. This is an emergency. Weep for Haiti, and for God's sake, help the suffering in that country.

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